Retail Banking Customer Journey Mapping

Background Problem

A large regional retail and commercial bank was looking to better understand prospect and customer needs: mapping out their journeys and seeking opportunities and key areas to invest in the bank.


The team began by reviewing all existing documentation, artifacts and segmentation, as well as doing a first-hand assessment of existing touchpoints. A series of 1:1 stakeholder interviews helped us understand the vision across lines of business and various functions and piece together a holistic picture of the internal view. From there we established a research plan including: deep in-home ethnographic interviews and dyad conversations to understand group decision-making, secret-shopper observations at bank branches, and quantitative analysis of survey and voice of customer metrics and customer conversion. We then established 2 specific personas with a unique journey aligned to each. Lastly we built a Customer Experience Roadmap with prioritized initiatives.

Sample Activities/Deliverables

Personas: Outline of behaviors, motivations, tech usage, as well as decision making style and financial tendencies

Journey Maps: Emotional perceptions of the customer, associated channels of interaction, their obstacles, and opportunities to improve and delight