Re-envisioning the Risk Management Information System

Background Problem

Initially focused on slick analytics and new data visualization types, the client brought our team in to produce high level designs and architect a new system to deliver those designs. The goal was to produce an analytics system that could help customers uncover opportunities and problem areas with accidents (claims) and implement mechanisms to address those problems (safety programs, people changes, training, etc.)


Our approach began with stakeholder interviews and a heuristic evaluation of the entire web system. We quickly pivoted to a series of workshops to get the client empathizing with the end users and better understanding what they would want from a variety of scenarios. This led to thinking about a much broader vision for the platform and establishing a capability model and roadmap for how to deliver on that vision. With the strategy in place, we embarked on months of Axure interactive prototyping to bring the vision to life (all while partnering with technical resources to ensure the viability of the designs).

“The time spent with Slalom opened up a portal into our “creative mind”. So many new ideas, techniques and thought provoking conversations made the engagement a very positive experience. …. We will be approaching the re-write in a new way, which we believe will make this project very successful.”

Client RMIS Team

Sample Activities/Deliverables

UX Strategy Workshops: Driving a collective vision and getting the client to think differently with interactive exercises (empathy mapping, lightweight service blueprinting, feature planning)

Personas: Role based humanization of user needs framed in their work context and a mechanism of empathizing with their pain points and challenges

Capability Model: A hierarchical capture of the necessary business capabilities for the risk management function and associated ecosystem

Interactive Prototypes: Axure based, mid-fidelity prototypes of the major user flows and screens and visualizations