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Latest News

November 2017 With the release of Firefox Quantum, the support for legacy themes has been discontinued by Mozilla. This project has therefore been suspended.

Keep the feedback, suggestions, bug reports, and extension request coming – Feel free to leave a comment on the page or contact me.

Upcoming Changes (Reported Bugs)


  • Modified icon set
  • Additional application compatibility:
    • Flock
    • K-Meleon
    • Chrome
  • Addon fixes:
    • MR Tech Toolkit(error console)


  • Addon fixes:
    • Thundernote
    • Xnote compatibility font color
    • MR Tech Toolkit (options menu and error console) colors


PitchDark is a dark theme set for Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird aimed at users who prefer the negative color scheme (light text on dark background). While it is a dark theme it is designed with visibility, usability, and maximum screen real estate in mind. My inspiration was the Phoenity Dark themes (by Lim Chee Aun and Tom Wilson), which are currently outdated.

PitchDark project
PitchDark project
Design Considerations

PitchDark is meant to maintain the light text on dark background look, but instead uses dark harmonious natural tones, with black as accents. I like grays and blacks, but most dark themes take it to an extreme. The “birch” colored dark brown was chosen specifically to avoid blending in or detracting from fresh website designs that use black and gray for webpage backgrounds.

To reduce the amount of image work required, I’ve moved to the standard icon sets for Firefox and Thunderbird. Future versions may make use of the Tango icon set or have custom icons.


The lastest builds and previous versions can be found at the Mozilla Addons site:

I’m a proponent of free software, but members of the community sometimes ask for a way to show their support. If you happen to be in a giving mood, please consider donating (securely) to me via paypal. Thanks!

Awards and Recognition



Version 4.0.9

  • Sync with latest Firefox 21 Omni
  • Fixed link color on DirListing
  • Fixed link color on about:license
  • Fixed font color on about:compartments
  • Fixed styling on Inspector

Version 4.0.8

  • Updates for compatibility with Firefox 19
  • Fix for about:memory
  • Small bug fixes

Version 4.0.7

  • Fix for dropdown menus
  • Fix for scrollbuttons in tab bar

Version 4.0.6

  • Fix for addons page
  • Improved contrast for focused elements (buttons/menulists; e.g. about:permissions)
  • Improved contrast for about:memory
  • Styling for New Tab cells
  • Various fixes for devtools

Version 4.0.5

  • fix for colors on sync manager
  • fix for colors on about:cache
  • fix for colors on about:memory
  • fix for colors on about:permissions
  • added new style inspector theming
  • bugfix for “door hangers” (remember password, location, install, etc.)
  • bugfix for tabgroup text labels overlapping

Version 4.0.4

  • Fix for icons on about:Add-ons page (extensions, appearance, plugins, language)
  • Updated compatibility with Firefox 10

Version 4.0.3

  • Minor color fix for new blank tabs

Version 4.0.2

  • Exclude app content from Aero Glass effects (i.e. fix plugin washout problems)
  • Minor update to color definition in browser.css that was causing a warning

Version 4.0.1

  • Added compatibility for Firefox 6.*
  • Small visual improvements to downloads window

Version 4.0.0

  • Full theme update for compatibility with FX 4.0+
  • Added custom styling to fix bug where caption buttons appear black in maximized mode on Windows
  • Small image enhancements

Version 3.6.3

  • Fix for font colors on download window
  • Fix autocomplete url color on awesome bar

Version 3.6.2

  • Fixed extension specific theming
  • Adjusted menu color when browser is inactive
  • Fixed button colors
  • Removed border definitions that created warnings

Version 3.6.1

  • Change Chrome registration (rdf to chrome.manifest)
  • Fix for RSS button in address bar
  • Moved extensions chrome up to xpi_skins folder

Version 3.6.0

  • Firefox 3.6 compatibility
  • Fix for new tab button and scrollbar-button arrows
  • Color fix on Untrusted Connection page (AboutCertError)
  • Improved hover color for active menubar menu items
  • Fix for toolbarbutton border color – hover/click (pop vs. punch)
  • Slightly lightened up the inactive tabs color
  • Updated options icons
  • Enabled rating view in extensions window
  • Fix for image shift on unified key (Large back/forward) button
  • Fix for groupbox titles
  • Addon fixes
    • Facebook Toolbar
    • Google Toolbar (v6)
    • Live Http Headers
    • ReminderFox
    • Update Notifier
  • Addon Tests (no code added, but verified compatibility)
    • Feed Sidebar
    • FootieFox
    • Fox Clocks
    • OpenBook
    • Speed Dial
    • WizzRSS (being retired anyway)

Version 3.5.0

  • Firefox 3.5 compatibility

Version 3.0.4

  • Fix for larger height menu items introduced in last version (now condensed again)
  • KwiClick compatibility

Version 3.0.3

  • Firefox 3.1 compatibility
  • aboutCertError, aboutPrivacyBrowsing, aboutSessionRestore
  • Color fix on “about:robots” page
  • Color fix on combined back/forward button
  • Lightened throbber color
  • Fix for Large back/forward button (image shift)
  • Sidebar text color
  • Sidebar close button color
  • Searchbar engine button fix (too rounded)
  • Tab bar/tab contrast adjustment
  • Tab icon / loading icon image change
  • White areas in the configuration dialogs/richlistboxs
  • Dropdown arrows on the navigation bar seem very small
  • Dropdown padding fix (main bar and bookmarks)
  • Changed inactive tab/textbox color to gray instead of white
  • Enforced 16×16 favicon for bookmarks
  • Changes for All in One Sidebar
  • DOM Inspector fixes
  • GoogleToolbar fixes

Version 3.0.2

  • Code sync and graphic update with the RC1 release
  • Removed unused graphics

Version 3.0.1

  • Fix for toolbar colors in Linux/OS X

Version 3.0.0

  • Complete recode from Firefox 3.0 classic theme.
  • Customize toolbar fix
  • Graphics inherited from classic theme
  • notification/progress bar fix
  • tab improvements
  • import screen fix
  • proper handling for DOM inspector
  • netError styling

Version 2.0.2

  • Code sync (communicator, global, mozapps folders) with PitchDark for TB
  • improved tab handling

Version 2.0.0

  • Compatibility fix for Firefox 2.0
  • Options Menu changes
  • Addons Menu changes
  • Tab bar changes

Version 1.5.6

  • fixed annoying pixel jump in toolbarbuttons (caused by disabled buttons having borders)
  • Console spacing changes

Version 1.5.5

  • HelpfileLayout.css added
  • NetError.css added
  • synchronized code to latest classic.jar
  • end of lines changed to just line feeds
  • all images re-exported to decrease theme size
  • small visibility changes

Version 1.5.4 – DROPPED

  • decreased tabbox size
  • modified splitter borders
  • separator size/color changes
  • added netError.css
  • small visibility changes

Version 1.5.3

  • extension compatibility – mininova menu, forecastfox, wellrounded, search bar style extensions
  • download manager visibility issues
  • menulist and searchbar fixes
  • help toolbar fixed
  • chevron color change
  • tab loading throbber color change

Version 1.5.2

  • numerous changes for compatibility with extensions
  • improves menulist borders
  • fixes searchbox for OSX users

Version 1.5.1

  • improves visibility for fonts and icons and fixes glitches with menulists

Version 1.5.0

  • PitchDark has been approved!
  • Update for Firefox 1.5
  • minor visibility improvements

Version 1.0

  • Original port from Phoenity Dark for Phoenix/Firebird(Pre-Firefox 0.7)


Version 4.0.4

  • Fix for dropdown menus
  • Regression fix for attachment list color

Version 4.0.3

  • Fix for addons page
  • Improved contrast for focused elements (buttons/menulists;)
  • Small bug fixes

Version 4.0.2

  • Bugfix for smileys
  • Fix for icons on about:Add-ons page (extensions, appearance, plugins, language)
  • Fix for button appearance on headers

Version 4.0.1

  • Bug fix for attachment list color

Version 4.0.0

  • Full theme update for compatibility with TB 5.0+ and Lightning 1.0+

Version 3.1.1

  • Fix for find button styling and toolbar (Ctrl-F)/colors on quick filter bar
  • Fix for Manage Identities and Config buttons being hidden in the account settings
  • Minor visual changes

Version 3.1.0

  • Updates for full compatibility with TB 3.1 and Lightning 1.0b2 (including tabbar icons)
  • Change Chrome registration (rdf to chrome.manifest)
  • Moved extensions chrome up to xpi_skins folder
  • Additional minor color adjustments
  • Image optimization to improve theme size

Version 3.0.0

  • Thunderbird 3.0 compatibility
  • Significant number of updates for tabbed messages and other changes
  • Visibility improvements via color fixes for many icons on compose screen and message list
  • Various other bug fixes/color modifications
  • Addon fixes
    • MR Tech Toolkit
    • Facebook Toolbar
    • Google Toolbar (v6)
    • Live Http Headers
    • ReminderFox
    • Update Notifier

Version 2.0.3

  • Lightning Compatibility
  • Visibility improvements via color fixes for many icons on compose screen and message list
  • Returned to default error console icon set
  • Various other bug fixes/color modifications

Version 2.0.2

  • Fixed header background color bug
  • Re-added collapse-able header functionality
  • Fixed background color on address book cards
  • Fixed throbber code
  • Re-added text only and icon only options in customize toolbar window

Version 2.0.1

  • code trims
  • bug/error fixes

Version 2.0.0

  • full sync to TB2.0 default theme code
  • more visibility improvements
  • code trims

Version 1.5.6

  • fixed annoying pixel jump in toolbarbuttons (caused by disabled buttons having borders)
  • Console spacing changes
  • visibility improvements for small column icons

Version 1.5.5

  • icons are default/phoenity for now
  • more small changes all around
  • fixed group by sort headers

Version 1.5.4 – DROPPED

  • ported from firefox
  • fixed all major visibility issues
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246 thoughts on “PitchDark

  1. How I got it to work for me:
    Download theme with web browser.
    Unzip it.
    Edit install.rdf changing em:maxVersion to 10.*
    Rezip it.
    Install addon from file.

  2. How I got it to work for me:
    Download theme with web browser.
    Unzip it.
    Edit install.rdf setting to 10.*
    Rezip it.
    Install addon from file.

  3. If you want PitchDark to run for Thunderbird 10, download and install “Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks” from Thunderbird Add-ons. I did this and now PD is working, along with some other extensions that got disabled when updating TB to version 10. PD matters to me enough to find a work around until there is an official update.

    PitchDark is my favorite theme for Thunderbird. It also is the easiest to use dark themes for Firefox IMO.

  4. First, PD works for me in both latest versions of FF/TB.

    What I noticed in TB since a while is, that the smileys in the compose window and even in received mails are not displayed. Narrowed it down to PD4TB today.

    Maybe you can take a look at it.

    Many thanks

  5. PitchDark is my favorite for Thunderbird. The accelerated release schedule Mozilla has decided to go with has broken the theme at least twice for me. I will be moving both FF & TB to the ESR version, and hopefully this will take care of the problem for the next year when PitchDark is updated for release 10.

  6. I’m using PitchDark on my Thunderbird 10.0B and like it. Firefox 10.0B says that it is not compatible. When will it be available for Firefox 10+?

  7. Hi,

    and how long do we have to wait until that update is available on Mozilla?

    I think it would make sense to offer the downloads on this site here too.


    1. I used to co-host theme downloads, but unfortunately I don’t have the bandwidth needed to host those files on this website any longer. Besides users, there are third party sites that pull down copies of theme files too and it adds up quickly.

  8. now TB 6.0 is out, and there’s still no Update for TB 5.0, what about an update for Pitchdark for TB 6.0?! πŸ˜‰

  9. Tim,

    Thank you!

    To everyone else; SEND TIM SOME MONEY! Don’t you think he deserves the price of a meal at a nice restaurant for all of his effort? I certainly do.

    I say again. SEND TIM SOME MONEY! I already have weeks ago and more than once. He deserves it.

    Thanks again Tim.


  10. PitchDark is a very nice and beautiful theme. I loved it from the first second on! Could you please leave a hint whent it will be Available for TB 5?

  11. Love the Pitch Dark theme; I use it for both T-Bird and F-Fox. I hope your T-Bird 5.0-compatible version comes out soon!

  12. one issue with the theme for firefox 5 is the downloads windows, when there r downloads, the file name come in white whereas the below download speed etc come in black so that would be great if it remained white

  13. The deleting of boomarks issue seems to have resolved itself. I dunno, maybe it didn’t work at first but after a re-boot everything settled in better? Thanks again, now on to Pitch Dark for TB5!

  14. PitchDark 4.0 running in FF 5.0 just updated itself, and wow…… I am not happy with the new buttons. Couldn’t keep it the way it was originally? Had to go and change the whole layout of it? I thought it was perfect how it was….

  15. Yeah, finally. A big “thank you” for the FF version. Just try everything with FFportable and it runs. Great.

    Since TB5 is out since yesterday, a new game begins. I’m looking forward for this version too.


  16. Fantastic to be able to finally go to FF5, thanks for the hard work on the new Pitch Dark. Found an issue though. When using the Menu Bar… I click on Bookmarks, then right click on a bookmark and click on delete, nothing happens. Also didn’t there used to be the ability to sort bookmarks from here? Miss that. Just some feedback for fine tuning as you go, thanks again.

  17. OMFG!!!!!!! TY soooo much I love you! This will make my computer complete again I have been checking this page daily.

  18. Let’s just show our support, be it financial or just by ..not nagging, and hope for improved inter-compatibility (like Mozilla claims with FF5).

  19. FF5 is realeased. So everything will start again? Maybe PD 4.0.0 will be compatible with FF5?

    Usually I’m always a step ahead with beta versions, for now I’m 2 versions behind… I think I will switch back to the standard theme…


  20. Sure miss PitchDark.
    I didn’t know I’d lose it again when I updated/upgraded Firefox.
    Using BlackFox right now, but it’s just not the same!!

  21. The PitchDark update for Firefox 4 is very close. I have one final issue (a fairly major one) to sort out where the titlebar controls (minimize, restore/maximize, close) are showing as all black. Other than that it’s pretty much complete.

  22. Your pitch dark rocks! I’ve used for a long time with Firfox 3 versions.

    I am now waiting with baited breath for your V4 to come out.

    Noe if only I could get the dang cats to leave me alone!

  23. On Firefox 4 with Rainbowpicker I can make a dark theme by modifying the default browser or a persona variant except for menus which retain a white background. If you can upgrade PitchDark for Firefox 4 only incrementally perhaps you could offer a compatible color changer for menus that would provide a good bridge while we are waiting for the opportunity to use your browser.


  24. I don’t mind waiting. I can’t imagine doing this as often as FX updates, and I appreciate having something I like enough to wait for, and am looking forward to the next update. I’m not geeky enough to want to push it, and know you have a “real life.” Your work is thoughtful, classy and dependable. Thanks!

  25. hi guys, for those of you, who waited long enough for an update of pitchdark, i found a add-on named “Nightly Tester Tools” 3.1.2, where you can force add-on compatibility. it worked fine for me. greetings, sylvester.

  26. Wow Thank You so much for the great theme. Everyone else just makes flashy annoying themes, but pitchdark doesn’t draw attention away from the page I’m looking at, and its easy on the eyes. This is literally the only theme I have found to be usable of any firefox themes out there

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