Enterprise Design System

Background Problem

A Fortune 100 P&C insurer was looking to establish its first iteration of an enterprise UIKit in order to bring consistency to the brand and user experience, improve nimbleness and speed of product delivery, and significantly reduce design and development time and cost.


I was brought on to the project midway through to revamp organization and implementation of the UIKit. I met with stakeholders across, UX, Visual Design, and Development to understand their workflows and what they sought from the end product. We collectively established a backlog of design patterns and a contribution process and governance workflow for the team. I delivered the remaining high priority patterns in high fidelity (Sketch), including development of in-context guidelines for pattern use. While there were foundational style elements in place, we helped move the enterprise forward towards a more holistic design system.

“I estimated my development tasks would take me 2 weeks (1 sprint).
With the new UI Kit, I completed my tasks in 20 minutes.”

Client Engineer

Sample Activities/Deliverables

Sketch UI Kit: File capturing all the styles, component designs, and patterns, including guidelines for when to use what.