Data Visualization Platform Redesign

Background Problem

The client, a multi-million dollar, 40-year-old software company, released a new production version of its flagship web application which was met with mixed feedback regarding the ease of use, usability, and overall user experience.

The business intelligence and data visualization market had evolved quickly around them with innovative solutions and new competitors and they were losing market share as customer expectations grew.

A more comprehensive consideration for the design of their entire product suite was required to remain competitive and win customers.


I was engaged to assess the current product suite: perform user experience research, product design consulting and data visualization design support for the ongoing evolution and standardization of those products across product management, design and development teams.

I worked to ensure a common understanding of the current state and user desires and then collaboratively re-imagined how the platform should evolve in an accessible fashion – from user workflow to interaction and mid-fidelity visual design through to development handoff.

Sample Activities/Deliverables

Product Ecosystem Map: Understanding the full suite and how users interact with Jobs-to-be-Done, and UI framework mapping

Quantitative Heuristic Analysis: Understanding pain points and opportunities

Usability Findings Summary: Helping prioritize where the client should focus

Workflows: sequencing, navigation and grouping of functions

Interactive Prototypes: Sketch and Axure based mid-fidelity capture of concepts