Customer Service Employee Experience

Background Problem

A regional utility company had acquired and merged a diverse set of gas and electric companies over a long period, and while the brand had aligned under a single entity, the operating companies and systems were still distinct and disparate. This was impacting the customer service employee experience while handling and managing orders.

Our team was engaged to build a custom web application and set of integration services to bring the systems together in a unified experience.


I was engaged early in the project to plan and execute stakeholder and user interviews, review product demos, and interpret the discovery work done by another company and translate that all to a strategic approach for the project. I then led another designer and transitioned the prototyping, interaction and visual design work and partnered with the product management team on prioritizing user stories.

I returned later to the project to perform usability and accessibility testing (both moderated WCAG 2.0 AA compliance testing, and moderated testing with users aided by assistive technologies, like JAWS screen reader).

Sample Activities/Deliverables

Moderated Usability and Accessibility Testing: I partnered with another UX person to plan and execute task-based testing of the entire workflow with multiple user types.