Animated Training Videos

Background Problem

A large global health insurer was rolling out a new way to manage how to make work happen in operations. Given the size and scale of the change they needed a different approach than standard training. We worked together on innovated instructional design to help communicate the enterprise change and build buy-in and drive adoption of the new behaviors and systems.


Working with the core team and a change management specialist, I provided creative direction for the project. Beginning by storyboarding the message and outcomes, then scripting and prototyping the animated video and narrating a voice-over. I produced custom assets and selected audio and visual elements to finalize the video in the GoAnimate/Vyond platform. We then worked collaboratively on a plan to use the video in conjunction with other training elements.

Sample Activities/Deliverables

Vyond Studio Animated Video Creation

Animated Video Production: Scene creation, audio/visual editing, voice-over, and general creative direction