PitchDark and “Fashion Your Firefox”


Mozilla took a huge leap in expanding how users can personalize Firefox by launching Fashion Your Firefox today. This simple web application enables Firefox users to quickly and easily customize their install based on some common online habits. I am honored that they chose PitchDark as one of the addons in the “Decorator” category. Thanks […]

PitchDark Honors and Props

Ever since the release of Firefox 3.0 I’ve had an outpouring of appreciative and supporting (not to mention help related) emails. I’d like to say thanks to all the faithful users and I apologize for the lack of releases recently (especially on the Thunderbird side). Furthermore, I’ve received recognition from the internet community: editors have […]

Getting Things Done: Integration of online calendars (GCal with Thunderbird-Lightning, Outlook and Facebook)

The plethora of calendars I have to manage was getting to be quite the mess. Trying to schedule events was a danting task requiring lookup in multiple places. I use Thunderbird (with the Lightning extension) when I’m at home most of the time. When I’m at work we’re required to use the standard Microsoft Outlook. […]

Ahhh, thebankshow is naked!

If this is your first time here, you’re probably thinking to yourself: “Wow, this site sucks. It’s so plain.” Well for your information, I’m promoting web standards by participating in CSS Naked Day on April 9th, 2008 and showing off my <body>. Have a look around and enjoy your time here.

Updates to Mozilla Add-ons Site

Impressive infographics!

Basil has already done an exceptional job of outlining most of the new updates in AMO 3.2 but I thought I’d touch on a few of my favorites. Rehauled the color scheme and layout The new “Eco” visual identity is very easy on the eyes and the ‘findability’ on the site has greatly improved. Cleared […]