Updates to Mozilla Add-ons Site

Basil has already done an exceptional job of outlining most of the new updates in AMO 3.2 but I thought I’d touch on a few of my favorites.

Rehauled the color scheme and layout

The new “Eco” visual identity is very easy on the eyes and the ‘findability’ on the site has greatly improved.

Cleared up the difference between installing and downloading a theme

Using smart install buttons the user is presented with clear options for using an add-on. While this might not seem like a very big issue, you don’t know how many emails I get from frustrated users who click the Install link for a Thunderbird Theme/Extension and it tries to install into Firefox – only to error out.

Impressive language support

24 languages and probably more to come. Localization is where we should be moving – props to Mozilla for leading the way.

Statistics dashboard

The statistics dashboard under the developer tools section (which can also be made public) features some awesome filtering and graphing functionality.

Impressive infographics!

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