Upcoming Symposium — Energy’s Future: Energy Supply and Climate Change

The RPI Alumni Association of Hartford, CT is sponsoring a 2008 Technology Awareness Symposium on April 11-12 @ Rensselaer Hartford entitled “Energy’s Future: Energy Supply and Climate Change

There is a long list of topics including

  • Climate change
  • Alternative Energy Systems: Technology and Economics;
  • Energy Supply Crisis
  • Stationary and Motive Power Systems: CO2 Problems; Economics; Alterative Options
  • Fuel Supply Availability: Natural Gas, Oil, Coal, Fossil Shale/Sands, Uranium, and Thorium
  • Near and Long Term Climate Effects; Solar Dimming – Economic Impact;
  • Energy Conservation Measures; Solar, Wind Power, Green Buildings, Intelligent Grid;
  • Nuclear Energy Systems: Technology and Economics;
  • and much more….

The hydrogen fuel cell bus and a 100mpg plug electric Prius will also be in attendance.

Get over to the event site and register as space is limited.

I’ll be covering the event on both days and posting an entry so keep an eye out.

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