Organizing TEDxAsylumHill – The Art of Innovation

After months of planning, our team of five organizers, a handful of volunteers and our great speakers descended on the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT for TEDxAsylumHill – The Art of Innovation. With generous donations of time and materials from many volunteers and a sponsorship from the Metro Hartford Alliance, we were able to […]

11 Things Football (Soccer) Can Teach You About Business

My experience playing, and coaching, on the pitch (just about 20 years) is much longer than my time in business, so I’ve taken the opportunity to take learnings from football/soccer  translate them to business. Here are 11, like the number of on-field players, that I find most relevant (in no particular order): Total Football – […]

Culturally based horn-iness

Image via Wikipedia Disclaimer: gross generalization in 3….2….1…. During my travels abroad to Europe and Asia recently, it became quite apparent that there is a significant difference between how these regions use their vehicle horns as opposed to in America. A fact that others have also noticed. Basically it boils down to proactive vs. reactive […]

New Versions of PitchDark Themes

The PitchDark themes have been updated to be compatible with the latest application releases from Mozilla – Firefox 3.6 and Thunderbird 3.0. Now you can once again enjoy the harmonious light text on dark colored look for both your browser and desktop mail client. There was a long stretch of no updates to either theme, […]

Social networks, identity management, and the evolution of the web

The past few years have fostered a huge amount of growth in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, (the list goes on), as well as their continued battle to own you and your data. In parallel, there are evolutionary steps toward identity management appearing, like OpenID, and CardSpace. Guess what? I’m a single person. An […]